Meet Parux, a Digital Product Studio…

Small teams intimately collaborating with you

With multi-disciplined backgrounds across Design, Application Development and Product Strategy, our expert product teams are here to help you succeed.

Team Planning
Cesar Keller

From the beginning, our vision was to research, invest, strategize and design the best digital product experiences and partner with cool people on cool projects.

Cesar Keller

CEO & Managing Partner

Ready at Any Stage in Your Project Life Cycle

We’re ready to collaborate with you within any product stage; no matter where you are at.

Pre-Production Stage

Parux partners with you and leads you through strategic research & validation to outline an innovation plan.

Production Stage

Follow a well-planned roadmap, prepare design, development and go-to-market decisions for your complex MVP or v1 product.

Post-Production Stage

Scale your product and team while maintaining and accelerating momentum. It takes a village and we have offerings for you to grow.

The Key to Our Success

Our Experienced Leadership

Cesar Keller

CEO & Managing Partner

The design and integration of digital technology across all areas of a business fuels his passion to lead talented production teams.

Cesar Keller

John Unger

COO / CDO / Sr Partner

John’s lifelong passion for learning and problem solving provide the inspiration behind business process automation, business intelligence, and data science solutions he has helped design and deliver over a few decades.

John Unger

Ken Mocabee

Director of Business Development / Sr Partner

Loves helping business find creative paths for growth and success.

Ken Mocabee

Mason Mocabee

Director of UX/UI & Partner

Passionate about creating thoughtful and beautiful user journeys and interfaces.

Mason Mocabee

The DNA Source of Every Effective Team is a Successful Culture

Our core values evolved with us as the studio grew and we learned from our experiences.

Respect… working with cool people

  • Caring for anything or anyone starts with respect
  • You can’t commit to other values below without respect
  • Respect for others and respect for oneself is a key concept
  • Respect for people from all walks of life and discipline
  • A more diverse culture drives better results

Building Relationships… it takes trust

  • Internal to Alliance Systems, learning from other experts
  • External to Alliance Systems, learning from other professionals / entrepreneurs
  • Knowing how to connect the dots and problem solve across teams

Collaboration… it takes a village

  • Process, IT, Design… it takes various key people to move projects forward
  • Different walks of life, education, careers
  • Blending it all together to problem solve and deliver the best digital product experiences

Growth Mindset… always learning

  • Things can be learned to become better
  • Technology sector moves rapidly, we have to keep up Process that works yesterday, may not work tomorrow
  • We are always trying to get better across all roles in our organization

Process Oriented… we manage chaos

  • Leveraging process, frameworks and systems allow us to maximize efforts
  • A small agile team that follows process can compete against larger teams
  • Design Thinking, Agile, Mobile First, API First, are just some of thes systems we follow

Inclusive & Accountable… we care

  • Build an inclusive, transparent and socially responsible culture
  • Culture doesn’t happen by chance — we need to be proactive and work on it every day.

Want to Collaborate?

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Developing great digital products is our passion. Not sure how to start that journey? Let us help you find the right path. Schedule a free 1-hour consultation with our team. At the end we’ll deliver a Project Brief that will help you to crystalize your vision.

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